Forced Deal 1.1

Imagine being abducted for a whole year by strangers, total strangers, but not strangers for each others, 365 dark boring nonsense days, 8760 hours you have to live through every bit of 'em, 525600 seconds that you will be counting. The deal is, or the forced deal is; they will have you for this time, and give you food, drink, clothes, place to sleep - mostly not a bed - and finally an ID. That will be the curse till the end.

I can't say that i remember the beginning, i just found myself living it, found myself there, standing next to a friend whom i don't know, but he is a friend. ' That will take so long ? ' " believe me, No one knows, just let it as it goes" ' You're right, bro', Very long moments of silence, not in the surroundings, in your head; disturbed from time to time by a random voice from distance asking: " we're there yet ! it's killing us here " - a stranger glanced at him: ' we're almost here, calm yourself , newbie '. ' I am a newbie ? ' it echoed in my head several times, till my newbie friend make 'em stop by his voice : " Get yourself prepared my friend, it is our stop "