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Her 1.1

Now we are thousands and thousands miles away, but she never moved one inch away from my mind or my heart. They both are all about and into her. Distance separates people apart, but with her, it brings her closer. To be honest, when she first brought that thing up, i was pro that decision, but deep inside i felt like that day will never come. I couldnt just imagine; she is not here, not by my side. But time passed, then here we are, go shopping for the stuff she will need for the packing. She is really leaving. That brought back the time when she said i don't love you anymore, i don't want you. She is leaving, but i can't stand against her success. The moment i will see her again, i will hug her tight enough to break her bones. I will tell her i missed her so much and i will let her know that i am alive again.

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