Forced deal 1.2

We didn't know as we were dropping off the vehicle, that we should forget about our old life the moment we touch the ground. Later that day, we managed to know more than this, surviving this year will be our Everest.

- 'That's gonna be cruel '

i barely heard my newbie friend saying these desperate words, the noise were getting louder and louder. Dozens of newbies were all talking to each others, wondering and mumbling.

In the square; where the vehicle stopped, strangers dressed up with their uniform, whoever is getting selected, will be dressed like them soon. Not all of us will be selected, some will return back to their human forms; lucky unfits, Others, will turn strangers. Before us, they were doing their best to control the chaos caused by us, Newbies. " Your mobiles, hand them over " that's how we received our very first instruction. We had to get used to the new situation, following non sense orders, this was part of the deal.

- 'You can't do this'. I screamed.
- " i know, i know, just don't make a scene, move forward" .

He was trying to hide his mobile down into his pants, he might got caught. The line was moving, one by one was getting inspected by a stranger. What if my friend got caught ? Would he got punished ? What kind of punishment ? Do they have the authority ? We ourselves handed them this authority, like these people on the other side, handing their own mobiles.

- 'NEXT' ... a stranger shouted.

I passed.

- 'NEXT'.... shouted again, Willy stepped forward.